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Technical product designer (m/f/d)

Technical product designer (m/f/d)

Training period 3.5 years at the Olpe location

Your field of work

Technical product designers design individual product parts and complete assemblies using special CAD software. You will be dealing with many physical variables and will measure angles and volumes, determine centres of gravity, check forces and masses, specify lengths and areas.

From the finished construction, you create precise, technical documentation that serves as building instructions. These must be so precise that all technical details are described in them.

Your professional skills

  • Functionally and assembly-oriented development, construction, design and presentation of individual parts and assemblies in all details with 3D CAD systems as data models.
  • selecting suitable materials and taking into account customer requirements
  • selecting suitable machine elements in the design process
  • carry out construction detailing
  • take economic and quality assurance aspects into account during the work
  • Create technical documentation from data models
  • create production documents, parts lists and standard lists
  • Maintain and manage technical data
  • Coordinate procedures with the operating departments involved, e.g. development and production
  • create design drawings and sketches
  • carry out necessary calculations
  • Apply dimensions

Your requirements

  • Drawing skills (e.g. in the technically correct representation of products)
  • Technical understanding (e.g. knowledge of the basic manufacturing processes of products)
  • Diligence (e.g. in producing precise and standard-compliant drawings)
  • Spatial imagination and computational skills (e.g. in the spatial representation of components, in calculating material properties)

Duration of training
3.5 years

Training location

Information on the school
Vocational college for technology Siegen
School location Siegen
Part-time teaching